The Lab

Venice Textile forniture

Special Projects

Alongside our daily works, we eventually take care of special projects and specific interventions: for events such as exhibitions and demonstrations, or for very particular buildings that require decades of experience and skills that our experts can guarantee in the Venice area.

Among the various special projects that we curated over the years you can find Ca’ Rezzonico’s upholstery, an art installation into Fontego dei Turchi and the external curtains of Serra dei Giardini: all of these are site specific interventions, designed to be in harmony with the unique buildings that host them.

Ca Rezzonico

Il nostro Laboratorio si è occupato nel 2006 della realizzazione di tappezzerie, tendaggi e della posa dei tessuti a parete di Ca' Rezzonico, uno dei più famosi palazzi veneziani, nonché Museo del 700 veneziano.

Fontego dei Turchi

For the Museum of Natural History within the Fontego dei Turchi, our team participated in the creation of a sperm whale-shaped installation, still present in the Museum suspended above the real skeleton of a young sperm whale positioned at the entrance of the palace.

Serra dei Giardini

On the occasion of the restructuring of the Serra dei Giardini, a majestic green space located next to the Biennale, the laboratory has created the new awnings by searching for a solution as close as possible to the one originally used for the building by conducting research with archive material.


On the occasion of the Venice Film Biennale, the Laboratory created the curtains for the entrance structure.
This realization was designed to be consistent with the surrounding environment by building courtains in dacron sailing supported by wooden poles and tied with boat tops.